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Training for quality, not just quantity

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

We would all love to be full time cyclists, spending winter in the Canaries. The reality is we have to manage our training around a job or college, family responsibilities. Which means you're likely to have a time limit on your training availability. This is why it's important to work with a cycling coach and have a training plan to ensure that every moment on the bike has an objective. There is no point in braving the roads and poor weather conditions we have in the UK just riding along. Usually at a power level that's sole purpose is to keep you warm, ultimately serving no function whatsoever. 

I'm not saying that a Sunday social with friends is a waste of time, though it will no doubt lack structure. It may be the mental reset you need to help you get through your midweek indoor trainer sessions. The psychological aspect of cycling is often overlooked by cycle coaches in this age of power meters and number crunching. With that in mind a zone 1 winter ride has its place in a training plan.

Without doubt, training indoors on a smart trainer during winter training adds structure and saves time. Think how much time you spend getting all your winter kit ready and cleaning the bike after a ride, almost as long as a indoor training session. Just remember when training indoors, make sure the bike is spotless,(avoid road junk on the carpet), a good fan and ventilated room, protect the headset, front brake and hub with a towel, inquisitive pets and children out of the room.

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