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INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder (PPD-R) Running Test

INSCYD PPD-R provides the same level of accuracy as lab testing

With the launch of the Running Power-Performance Decoder,

INSCYD now enables runners and coaches to perform

remote performance testing with lab level accuracy.

This virtual human performance lab gives you a wealth of

data independent of location.

“I use VLamax as the main parameter to prepare the training.”


Coach of World Champion Triathlete Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug & Team BORA


The Running Power-Performance Decoder eliminates the need to go a testing lab to gather physiological and performance metrics. It captures all the data you would get in a lab – and more – in a simple field test. Lab-level analysis of your body’s performance is now possible with just a GPS watch and INSCYD.


 The runner completes a test protocol of 4 intervals using just a GPS watch. By performing the intervals outdoors, test results are more relevant to training and racing environments, compared to treadmill lab tests. In other words: there is no loss of accuracy due to projecting lab treadmill data to outdoor running.  After completing the intervals, the coach uploads the files into INSCYD. Within minutes, the evaluation results in the most complete and accurate metabolic profiling available today. From there, the coach and athlete review the test results, and can formulate actionable training plans and goal assessments.


Although only a GPS watch is needed for the testing, the PPD-R software is able to use and compare lab test data (e.g. VO2) and field tests (e.g. lactate measurements).


PPD-R offers up the following data:

Maximum aerobic performance (VO2max)

Maximum glycolytic performance (VLamax)

Accumulation and recovery of lactate

Fat and Carbohydrate combustion rates

Aerobic v anaerobic energy contribution ratios

Anaerobic Threshold


This athlete profile allows coaches to measure

and quantify the respective athlete’s unique

characteristics, resulting in a laser focused

training plan to improve race performances

and help athletes reach goals.


Key facts about Power-Performance Decoder:

  • Accuracy: Standard tolerance is on par with state-of-the-art lab testing, e.g. VO2max divergence is 2.5%, threshold is 2.2% - in line with the most accurate metabolic carts (and without requiring power meter conversions from lab to training equipment).

  • Capture race decisive glycolytic power (VLamax) without the need to visit a lab. The secret weapon of professional coaches is now available to all coaches using INSCYD.

  • Reporting - Athletes get a 360-degree physiological assessment

  • Coaches can now test remotely – for the first time ever, coaches don’t have to be with their athletes for performance testing. Athletes complete a field test on their own time, alone. When done, the athlete submits the ride file for their coach to input into INSCYD.

  • Renders traditional physiological lab testing OBSOLETE – Faster, less expensive, more accurate, all without the overhead of measuring lactate and or VO2






































Founded in 2017, INSCYD is the leading scientific software, used by top cycling, triathlon, swim, speed skating, and rowing teams/federations and coaches. INSCYD has been called the 'perfect solution to understand how training effects the adaption of specific physiological systems’ by Dennis Sandig, of German Triathlon Federation. INSCYD offers coaches and lab owners software for power testing, lactate testing and lab testing (metabolic cart).


Coach and client looking at training data
Lactate curve on graph
Fat and Carbohydrate combustion
Active Man
Dan Lorang Professional Endurance coach
INSCYD test data
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