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This course can no longer be booked.

Group Lactate Test with INSCYD

Group testing up to six participants

  • Ended
  • 225 British pounds
  • Clients Choice

Service Description

INSCYD is now available for all athletes, not just World Tour pros INSCYD will benefit your training schedule and performance with both a scientific foundation and precise predictability. With INSCYD you’ll get full picture of your physical capacities and also a prediction of your training and racing outcomes. The performance you are looking for is composed of a variety of components and metrics, but if you only focus on FTP, heart rate zones, or keep training only according to your Rate of Perceived Exertion, you’ll miss accuracy and efficiency. For example, with INSCYD you can finally understand the interactions between your aerobic system and your fuelling needs. Do you wonder, “How much should I consume per hour in order to maintain my performance?” With INSCYD, you'll know. INSCYD takes into account, and connect to one another, the most important metrics for training purposes: VO2max Anaerobic threshold Lactate accumulation and recovery Fat and carbohydrates combustion Recovery VLamax (or glycolytic capacity) Each of the above metrics measured by INSCYD is critical to performance and remember, each sport performance is predictable and can be broken down to these fundamental elements. Take VLamax, for example. Although you might have never heard of it, VLamax. It is the single most important measurement to enhance your performance. VLamax is the maximum production of lactic acid in your blood and gives you a complete understanding of your anaerobic metabolism (which yes, is crucial in endurance events, too!). VO2max is aerobic, now we know the anaerobic piece, which turns out to be at least as important.

Cancellation Policy

Lactate testing sessions are booked at time of purchase. Exercise levels during the test will be progressive and regulated by the trainer. By agreeing to participate in Sparks into Life Lactate test you are agreeing to follow the guidelines set out by your trainer throughout the duration of the test. A minimum 24 hour cancellation policy applies to scheduled sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to the client. As your personal trainer if I am absent due to holiday or sickness, your session will be refunded or rescheduled. If a session is cancelled within 24 hours by the myself, a complementary session will be offered. The cancellation policy will be adhered to in all cases. Sessions will last up to 2 hours unless otherwise stated and shall start at the scheduled time. Sessions will not be extended due to lateness of the client or due to interruptions caused by the client. Sessions must be paid for in advance before the session commences by debit/credit card online or via bank transfer. Refunds will not be given due to illness, injury or non participation.

Contact Details


Sugar Street, Rushton Spencer, Macclesfield, UK

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