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Sparks Into Life Zwift Club

Public·1 Indoor Cycling Group
Mark Turnbull
October 11, 2023 · changed the group description.

Join Our Zwift Cycling Club!

Welcome to our Zwift Cycling Club, where we blend the excitement of group rides with cutting-edge performance analysis using INSCYD technology.

Group Training Sessions

Join us for exhilarating group training sessions designed to improve your cycling performance and endurance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, our club offers sessions for all skill levels. Expect:

Weekly Group Rides: Ride with a supportive community, challenge yourself, and improve your cycling skills.

Structured Workouts: We provide carefully curated workouts tailored to different training goals, from building endurance to boosting speed.

Interval Training: Push your limits with interval sessions, enhancing your VO2 max and overall fitness.

Hill Climbs: Conquer virtual mountains and build leg strength in our hill climb sessions.

INSCYD Testing Days

Experience the future of performance analysis with INSCYD testing. We host regular INSCYD testing days where you can get insights into your metabolic profile. Discover:

Personalised Training Plans: Tailor your training based on your unique metabolic data, optimising your workouts for maximum results.

Nutrition Guidance: Receive nutrition recommendations to fuel your rides and recover effectively.

Performance Assessments: Track your progress and see how your metabolic parameters change over time.Join Us Today!

Join our Zwift Cycling Club and take your cycling journey to the next level. Whether you're aiming to compete in races or simply improve your fitness, we have something for everyone. Let's ride together and achieve your cycling goals!


Join Our Zwift Cycling Club! Welcome to our Zwift Cycling Cl...
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