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Do you need to adjust your power zones for indoor training?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

With the imposed quarantine you are riding the smart trainer more than normal and you might have noticed that indoor wattage can be quite different than riding outside. If this is the case it is worth doing an indoor FTP test before you go much further with your training, as it is crucial you are training in the correct power zone indoors.

If you continue to use your outdoor FTP (which may be higher than your indoor threshold), you are going to be training much too intensely. This will result in you failing to hit your intervals at the prescribed wattage and in the long term overtraining. Once you can resume your seasons plan you might have already peaked or be losing the form you gained before the quarantine.

As you’ll be indoors for the duration of the quarantine, you really should carry out an indoor test and use that FTP for duration of the lockdown. If this takes longer than six weeks, you should then re-test to see if your fitness has improved and/or you have become more adapted to riding indoors. When you finally start riding outside, you need to do a new outdoor test in order to make sure your FTP is correct.

Keep yourself cool, fuel your training with adequate fluids and gel/food and keep motivated.

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