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How To Use The Carbohydrate Combustion Rate To Create Fuelling Strategies For Racing

Updated: May 25, 2022

Runners, triathletes and cyclists testing with INSCYD get a valuable insight into their carbohydrate and fat combustion rates. These features are essential when planning your training and racing strategies.

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Do You Want To Go Faster?

Now you know what influences your pacing plan, you also know what to do to go faster:

1. Combust less carbohydrates at the same pace

To do so, you need energy from a different source: fat.

Learn everything about fat combustion and FatMax, and how to increase it by training

and adjusting your diet

• Increase fat combustion by increasing VO2max: learn at which intensity to do you

“VO2max intervals”

Decrease your carb combustion by decreasing VLamax: get 5 training tips on how to

do that

2. Increase your glycogen stores

As said, it’s not easy to do so. But a good starting point is:

Learn everything you need to know about glycogen

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