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The most important points of a healthy diet

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Man preparing vegetables
Eat a diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables

Most people are familiar with the basic rules of a healthy diet, even if many people only implement them incompletely in their daily practice. The most important points: • Use as many unprocessed staple foods as possible, such as (cold-pressed) oils, nuts, berries, vegetables, lettuce, seasonal fruits, cereal flakes, etc. • Use lots of fresh ingredients such as herbs and garlic. • Pasta, bread, rice and legumes are also on the menu - albeit with moderation. • If you consume animal products such as meat / fish and dairy products pay attention to their origin. • Avoid ready meals and sauces with many E numbers (colourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives, etc.) as far as possible. Tip: A maximum of seven ingredients on the list of ingredients on the packaging make a “healthy” selection very good.

• Prefer water or unsweetened tea as drinks, only take sugary drinks in doses.

• Reserve fixed time slots in the daily routine for regular main meals - also for breakfast.

• Eat according to the feeling of hunger and prefer a seat.

• Make sure you have enough protein per main meal and adjust the amount of carbohydrates to the extent of physical activity.

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