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What is the guide for optimal nutrition during my indoor training program?

During the COVID-19 lock-down the majority of cyclists I coach have switched to an indoor training program.

It is critical they make sure that they are consuming enough CHO to be able to train effectively and recover for the next day.

Carbohydrate/CHO intake has a great bearing on recovery from training sessions and the functioning of the immune system. If we cut back or forget to eat right after training our immune system can be left vulnerable leaving us more prone to getting sick.

Try to eat during and straight after all your hard training sessions and you will see just how well the engine works when you put in the right fuel. It is during the training that we can start the process of establishing what energy foods, bars, gels and drinks we like and work for us. There are many brands and makers of energy products. Consider the following;

  • What we like to eat and drink

  • Does the product have the right amount of CHO

  • Is easy to use and access whilst on the indoor trainer

One of the issues we have seen with eating and drinking on the bike is that it has to be a habit. For most of us on a time short program completing shorter rides at a higher intensity it can be possible to finish our sessions without eating or drinking and fully depleting our CHO stores, therefore, hitting the wall and blowing up.

It’s very important to set a structure around an eating and drinking plan. This can be done using an alarm on your headunit set for every 15 – 20 minutes that will remind us to take a drink and eat a gel.

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