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What is the most demanding HIIT session you can regularly perform? Dr. Stephen Seiler

So, what does that word “Demanding” mean? adjective 1. requiring or claiming more than is generally felt by others to be due: a demanding teacher. 2. calling for intensive effort or attention; taxing: a demanding job.

Cycle coaching as with all forms of sports performance, is constantly evolving. So when prescribing a tailored workout session,(and In keeping with this dual definition), it should contain both an external component, the work and the external numbers like pace and power, and an internal component, the cognitive focus and effort to maintain work rate in the face of ever- growing sensations of pain and exertion. Eight-time gold medalist Norwegian XC skier Bjørn Dæhlie wrote that he needed two days to mentally prepare for his hardest interval sessions. You cannot mentally detach yourself from the task at hand during these workouts. They cannot be run while on auto-pilot with your headphones on. You enter the HIIT tunnel. The focus turns inward, not outward. At some level, all HIIT sessions are demanding by definition. Untrained people can be taken totally unaware when confronted with the discomfort of exercising “in the red zone”. But, athletes are used to it, thrive on it even. So, a really demanding HIIT session for well-accustomed, well- trained athletes feels more like a manifestation of “hell” than “health”. But, it is a journey they choose in hopes of coming across to the other side.

The following article Dr Stephen Seiler shares details on the latest research into the HIIT training, suggested intervals and expected outcomes.

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