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What to Carry on a Bike Ride or Cycling Adventure: All Points North Edition

As someone who recently completed the All Points North race, I know first hand the importance of being prepared for endurance rides, especially in remote areas like those encountered during the race. Here's what I recommend carrying:

Everyday Essentials:

1. Pump: Opt for a pump over CO2 cartridges for endurance rides to handle multiple flats. Or carry both, especially if you run tubeless and might need the power of a CO2 to get the tyre to seat on the rim.

2. Tubes: Carry at least two tubes even if running tubeless, and include tubeless repair tools such as plugs and plug tool..

3. Tire Repair Kit: Include tire boots and patch kits for sidewall cuts.

4. Tire Levers: Carry two for handling flats and cleaning mud, i like the Schwalbe and VAR levers.

5. Multitool with Chain Tool: Essential for roadside repairs. I really like the Syncros Guide Kit Multi-Tool. I also take a Swiss army knife.

6. Rain Jacket: Weather can change rapidly, so be prepared. Kalas Passion Z jacket is perfect for rain and wind protection.

7. Toiletries: Wet wipes, Toothbrush, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, Hayfever tablets, Chamois crème, Vaseline, Deodorant.

Epic Adventure Additions:

1. Hydration Pack: Necessary for remote areas with fewer aid stations. I use a 1.5l Camelbak hydration pack to get through those night sections where you may not have shops or garages to get drinks.

2. Derailleur Hanger: Carry a spare for unexpected mechanicals.

3. Extra Brake Pads: Crucial for long rides in wet conditions. I almost went through a new set of Sram Red pads on All Points North.

4. Shifting Hardware: Include spare cables or batteries for electronic systems.

5. Quick Links: Small but essential for repairing broken chains

6. Cleats: Carry an extra set for shoe repairs. You might end up walking and it's really easy to damage plastic road cleats. Consider using SPD pedals.

7. Duct Tape or Zip Ties: Useful for various emergency repairs.

Drop Bag Considerations:

1. Tyres: Have spares ready, especially for remote events.

2. Pedals: Consider including a spare set for unexpected failures.

3. Chain Segment: Carry extras for chain breakages between aid stations.

4. More Tubes: Be prepared for multiple flats with extra tubes.

5. Chain Lube: Don't forget to include for dusty or wet conditions.

6. Extra Clothing: Plan for weather changes with spare cycling gear.

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