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6 Tips to stay active during quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I’m sure many of you are feeling some mixed emotions during the quarantine, and are unsure how to stay on track toward your training goals. My clients are no different and as their cycling coach the last thing I want to do is derail all of their progress.

The majority of us have had an injury at some point that prevented us from competing in a race or finishing a block of training. Endurance athletes do not make good patients and find it difficult to do nothing. In these circumstances you might carrying out bodyweight alternative exercises at home. You have to adopt and keep motivated, the current COVID-19 situation is no different.

As an athlete, there is always something you can do to continue your training programme. The hardest part may be adjusting to a new—albeit temporary—routine, or finding the same amount of joy in a home session rather than riding outdoors. In the wake of current events, it’s easy to let things fall by the wayside, but it’s also why being active and healthy is more important than ever before.

1. Schedule the Exact Time of Your Training

And I mean on your calendar. Block off the exact time and amount of time you need to train. What gets scheduled gets prioritised. Don't train late at night as it will affect your recovery.

2. Tell a Coach or Friend what Training you are Doing

Sometimes telling friends or family you are training later gives you the kick to actually do it. Plus, the majority of modern training apps allow you to train together, you can’t possibly face the repercussions if I don’t follow through….without a good excuse.

3. Create a Dedicated Space in Your Home

If you don’t already have a devoted 'pain cave' this could mean your garage, or spare bedroom, it might be time to get one ready. It's important that this is your dedicated space. I have a desk that I force myself to work at when I’m working from home. This helps me to create a sense of separation between home and work that is almost entirely mental, as it’s not in a dedicated “office” room.

4. Swap Exercises When Needed

If you don’t have the motivation needed to complete a block of training, let your coach know so they can suggest some equivalent alternatives if they haven’t already created sessions for you. It's more important to keep up a regular training routine, rather than pursue a particular fitness goal or objective as we just don't know how long the quarantine will last. It's also a good time to work on technique and address weak areas.

5. Remove Physical and Mental Barriers

What matters is making training as easy as possible to do. For instance, can you pair training with another activity, like right before lunch or right after work if you are still working from home? Set your clothes out the night before so they’re ready to go, prepare bottles in the morning.

6. Share your training sessions online

Be sure to 'like' friends and teammates training sessions on training platforms. In addition it would be good practice to share photos or videos of your training, so your sponsors are still getting exposure and they can see that you are a serious ambassador for their product.

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