• Mark Turnbull

Training load and adequate recovery

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Is the training you are doing is actually making you fitter? Fact, training damages your body, muscles suffer micro traumas and toxic breakdown products flood the circulation.

Adequate recovery is essential, as it's what brings about improvements in fitness. Fitness occurs when the body recovers from and responds to this training damage.

As a cycling coach I stress to my clients that as much attention should be paid to both their training programme and their recovery strategy. A carefully planned programme will train to stimulate the various systems in the body involved in performing at their chosen discipline. However, without adequate recovery, these systems will not completely repair and improve. When this happens you run the risk of injury, illness and overtraining.

So there is a balancing act with your cycling training plan and recovery. Something which is always overlooked with generic training plans is the clients work/life balance, including stress, type of work, travel time and family commitments. A good coach will take into account your lifestyle and its effects on the training load. For example, If you have a manual job performing hard physical (possibly outdoors), working eight hours per day then this will be a greater load than if you have an office job where you spend the majority of your time sitting (indoors). In addition, psychological stress also contributes to the overall load. If your job and family life are stress free and happy, you will tolerate a greater training load than someone in a high stress workplace dealing with family, financial or relationship difficulties. Having an understanding coach will help to get this balance right and figure out what your total training load should be.

Training load is based mainly on 3 variables;

  • Volume (hours of training)

  • Intensity (effort level in training)

  • Frequency (how often you train)

If you are unsure about your recovery in relation to your training get in touch and seek the advice of an experienced coach.

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