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Goal setting

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

There are plenty of cycle coaches that feel they should train their clients weaknesses, by addressing where they fall short and prescribing specific workouts which in theory will make them a better all-round athlete. However, with your goals in mind, a personal weakness might not necessarily be considered a problem. For example, when I used to road race I had good endurance but a poor sprint (non-existent), so I had a reputation of being a bit a breakaway specialist. If I made the breakaway I was always a willing worker as this was the best opportunity I had of getting a result. After a break from racing I decided to try long distance time-trialing and the fact that I had a reasonable diesel engine meant I could tailor all my training to suit a predetermined distance/time (50 miles, 100 miles, 12 hours) and power output (%FTP). So a physical attribute that was once a weakness (lack of change of pace) wasn’t necessarily a weakness with regards to time trialling (endurance).

For time crunched cyclists, remember when looking for a cycling coach or training plan make sure you focus on your goals primarily. It is so important not to forget your strengths. If you completely ignore the area in which you excel, it won't remain a strength for long. 

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