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Strength and conditioning training for cyclists

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

When it comes to cycle training an often overlooked area is strength and conditioning training. Which is unfortunate as it can yield huge benefits in both performance and condition. A good time to start would be during off season, I suggest two or even three gym sessions per week, depending on the clients experience. As you get closer to the race season and hours on the road bike increase, it is good practice to try retain one session per week focussed on strength and conditioning. 

Greater flexibility, along with stronger muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints will result in fewer injuries, greater durability and quicker recovery in the event of a crash.

Another major benefit is neuromuscular efficiency. Motor unit recruitment is increased as your muscles adapt to lifting heavier loads. This also increases the percentage of muscle fibres you're able to recruit simultaneously, which increases the amount of power you're able to produce.

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